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Article in the magazine
Lifestyle Icône

June, 2016

Since 2016, the design branch Fell ITC offers customizable metal coffee tables . Their promise : to offer objects made ​​in Belgium of high quality and original form of furniture to find the object you will not find anywhere else. These coffee tables designed by the designer Isabelle Zevenne and composing the first collection ...

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Article in the magazine
Inspiration Deko

May 30, 2016

In the living room , metal affirms its crude side or the tone to create joyful atmospheres. This coffee table in painted metal baked , glazed appearance , attracted by its clean lines and simple design Made in Belgium . Available in ten colors: Black , White, Grey, Olive , Green, Blue, Red, Pink, Yellow and Orange, indoor and outdoor version . L 110 x H 34 x D 85 cm , from ...

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Article in the TLD blog All The Decoration
Deco Design Luxury and Upscale
Relayed by the site Femme Actuelle Hellocoton

May 9, 2016

Beyond the taste for beautiful things, admittedly, it's a little some frustration that led us to the realization of this collection of metal coffee tables . Present in the Art metalwork for over 40 years , we launched the brand Fell ITC to fully express our creativity. Although each project execution , both in the service of ...

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Press release

April 29, 2016

Fell is in the ironwork since already more than 40 years. The realization of the Belgian royal cradle, the staircases creation and other amazing structures , the company has managed to create a reputation in Belgium. Always custom client service projects , Fell launched in parallel, since 2016, its own brand iron design coffee tables and in the process, ...

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Article Pulse
Fell itc seen by one of its creators

April 1, 2016

Fell ITC offers customizable design coffee tables. The Fell ITC products are entirely designed and created in Belgium. The promise of Fell ITC : to offer furniture with really special and original shapes , in short , allow you to find the object you will not find anywhere else. Coffee tables that make up the collection are first ...

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