Custom table


Your custom table made ​​by Fell ITC

You have a clear idea of the table that you would like to have in your home. You do not miss from ideas.
Do not worry, Fell ITC is there to support its customers . Our experience allows us to realize the product of your imagination , from more simple to more complex.
With Fell ITC , the possibilities are endless ... Shapes, colors , materials, you are left to dream and you improvise designer.
Whether you are a private , decorator or interior designer, we 're listening for personal projects , with our experience of 40 years in the custom ironwork.



A custom table : a global project

We realize your projects from A to Z if that is your wish . Mixtures of materials are of course possible. Metal, glass, wood, stone, even if , obviously, the structure must always be metal because as you can see, this is our specialty .
We propose to you to contact us via our contact page, or you go find a contact form , express your wish and we will contact you quickly to analyze together your project, and provide to you a quote .



A custom table : partial project

You already have a slab of glass , stone or other you wish to deposit on a metal structure , no problem , contact us and give us maximum information about your wish and on the materials you want that we work for you : dimensions , origin of materials, ... We are happy to realize your project as efficiently as possible.



A custom table : From what you have

You want to create your table with metal objects you own, drill pipe, etc. Again, the possibilities are endless and we can also assist you in this type of project . Again, contact us with a complete application, and we go quickly contact you to analyze together the feasibility of your project.



A table which is broke : a repair if necessary

You have a metal table at which you hold but unfortunately she is damaged, Provide us your repair request , we will ask you certainly some details , a photo if possible and we will gladly repair your table if that's the possible ...