design coffee table made ​​in Belgium for your living room or for your garden …

Design Coffee table Simply Square Wood

from 389€

Design Coffee table Simply Square

from 389€

Design Coffee table Simply Rectangle

from 386€

Design Coffee table Inside Bubble

from 398€

Design Coffee table So Seventies

from 398€

Design Coffee table Cloudy Sky

from 398€


Fell ITC , my coffee table for indoor and outdoor ...

Present in the field of wrought iron for over 40 years, the Fell Ironwork embarks on creating coffee tables both indoor and outdoor. Our exclusive models are fully designed and developed in Belgium. Our tables are of high quality. Choose your model and customize : color, size , painting, surface treatment . For each model you can create between 20 and 40 different tables. We create the table that will answer best for your tastes, your needs and your style.



A maximum of options for your table

We offer a maximum of options to make of your table a unique object that will find its place in your home or on your patio and will harmonize perfectly with your decor.
If you opt for an model for indoor, your table will be painted in oven, giving it a very modern glazed appearance. This type of paint is very solid for indoor use and requires no special care. Outdoor models like interior are very easy to maintain. If you opt for an outdoor model, your table will be sandblasted metallised, which will give it a resistance to any test for outdoor use. This rustproofing allow your table to last over time. The outdoor model can obviously to be used for indoor use but the reverse is not recommended.
All models are available in 10 colors, we suggest you check the RAL color of your choice, rendering of a picture on a screen is not always identical to reality.
Our tables are also equipped with protection to prevent damage to your floors. Our tables are enough massives, Protection will allow you to move you table safely.
Il ne Now you have only one thing to do: dare the originality ...



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